Q1/2024 Results

First quarter is over and not much has changed in grand scheme of things. Same geopolitical tensions are still in play, US market has been extremely resilient and our Finnish economy has been even less resilient than I initially feared. Major global tensions with Russia and China are not likely to be resolved anytime soon. Hopefully same time frame does not apply to our local tensions with union strikes which are pretty much putting last nails – at least on short term – on the coffin for Finnish economy. First quarter results were in line with my expectations. Dividend income was 1504,89 EUR before taxes which consisted mainly of USD dividends (1573,31 USD) with minor EUR additions (49,60 EUR). This was to be expected as dividend income for second quarter is significantly higher than for any of the other quarters. Furthermore projected annual dividends indicate that portfolio provides so called lean FIRE level income (basic necessities) with minor margin for safety.

For the second quarter – and for remaining three quarters – I will probably increase my positions in Fortum, Kesko and Nordea Bank and probably in existing US healthcare/medical/pharma positions like Bristol-Myers Squibb, Pfizer and Medtronic. I might also initiate new position in Valmet but that remains to be seen. Next few months I’ll probably focus mainly in dividend reinvestment but all that naturally depends on market moves and valuations.

Recent Buy: Fortum Corporation

Fortum held their annual general meeting and therefore had their ex dividend date. Did tiny maintenance purchase of 25 shares for 11,14 EUR per share. Fortum as a whole is complicated company as they have many positive aspects, troubled past and problematic state owner. Yet for the long term it does hold strategic assets in very low carbon electricity generation. After this purchase I might have reached a full position of 700 shares but will be considering going for 1000 shares in small chunks.

See: https://www.fortum.fi/media/2024/03/fortum-oyjn-vuoden-2024-varsinaisen-yhtiokokouksen-paatokset

Recent Swap/Addition: 3M for Realty Income and Bristol-Myers Squibb

Today I sold my 50 3M shares for 94,36 USD per share. Main motivation for this was the fact that I want to skip the upcoming Solventum spin-off as I don’t want to have yet another tiny position and can do this now in tax effective way. Will I eventually initiate a position in 3M and/or Solventum? Perhaps. Depends on how both behave after the spin-off. For now I used these funds as planned before and added on existing positions with a purchase of 75 shares of Realty Income for 53,20 USD per share and 25 shares of Bristol-Myers Squibb for 54,38 USD per share. These purchases included also re-investing received dividends in addition to sales profits.

Additional information: https://investors.3m.com/news-events/press-releases/detail/1829/3m-board-of-directors-approves-spin-off-of-solventum