Recent Swap: Yara for Telenor and NEL Hydrogen

I wasn’t expecting too much from Yara but the results they reported were still a slight disappointment. Dividend cut was also proposed which doesn’t fit well for a income oriented dividend growth portfolio. Therefore I decided to sell all my 80 shares for 335,70 NOK per share. I redeployed the money right away and bought 100 Telenor shares for 173,10 NOK per share and 3000 NEL Hydrogen shares for 2,858 NOK. This in part implements the short term strategy in which I plan to focus on digital services (Telenor) and sustainable energy (NEL) among others. This will also protect the dividend income stream received in NOK as lower yield of Yara was replaced with higher yield of Telenor. NEL doesn’t pay a dividend so it’s a long term value play with some M&A potential.


Recent Buy: Citycon Oyj

Second unplanned purchase for the week as Citycon dropped today after earnings. Considering the overall market phase and key metrics, this purchase made enough sense for me to pull the trigger regardless the deleveraging plan. I bought 1000 shares for 1,94 EUR per share. This and previous Apple purchase will pretty much make up the whole dividend reinvestment for the year and it’s not even March yet.


Recent Buy: Apple Inc.

Long awaited pullback happened yesterday when US markets saw a record drop in points. This is likely to continue today. I decided to make an unplanned purchase and bought 20 shares of Apple for 158,00 USD per share. I considered it to be reasonably priced even before this so this made the decision even easier. I consider the position to be full now but might overweight it in case the marked goes insane. Apple fits in my long term plan in which I will focus especially on certain sectors: sustainable energy, water, AI & digital services and space exploration.