Recent Buy: Coca-Cola Company

Unusually small purchase of 8 shares of Coca-Cola for 43,81 USD per share. Coca-Cola wasn’t really in my buying range but since my broker had free trades for selected companies, I decided to dump my existing USD position on it. This way I avoided even the currency exchange fees so it truly was a free trade.

Recent Sell: Raisio PLC K

Implementation of slightly tweaked strategy for the rest of the year by selling my position in Raisio Plc. Position consisted of 350 shares now sold at 4,00 EUR per share which translates to a minor loss as well. This decision was motivated firstly by the intent to reduce my investment debt and secondly by the overall performance of the company. There’s not much to complain really but there has been some negative news going forward and since I never was willing to build a full position on the company, the logical step was to eliminate the whole position. Overall trading volume was also a minor issue. I do like my positions dull and boring but Raisio was too much of it and it has been like that since the 90’s.

Recent Buy: Telia Company

Small addition to existing position with a purchase of 180 shares for 4,03 EUR per share. Next candidate is Olvi Plc if the price drops enough during Q4. Alternatively I’m considering to reduce the debt load a little bit.