Recent Buy: Deere & Company

This is most likely the last trade for FY2015. I decided to skip on GE and Telenor and instead slightly increased my position on Deere today by purchasing 13 shares for 77,35 USD per share. There’s nothing special behind this action but I skipped GE because of the valuation. I’m hoping to add on it in the 28-29 range. Telenor however is on my buy range at the moment which makes it the strongest candidate for January purchase unless GE drops to the mentioned range.

Recent Sell & Buy: BHP Billiton Plc

Nothing new here, just a minor strategic operation with NYSE:BBL. As it became evident that basically all miners would be taking extra beating, I decided to sell my 110 shares on December 7th for 23,2401 USD per share. The following day I bought back 130 shares for 21,68 USD per share. As a bonus I recorded some losses to be used later for tax deductions.

Long term fundamentals haven’t really changed but the current situation is challenging. There could be a dividend cut in the cards but personally I wouldn’t event mind having one. Current situation in the overall market provides excellent possibilities for strategic moves by such a big player.