Recent Swap: General Mills for Realty Income Corporation and VEREIT

Today I decided to sell my moderate General Mills position mainly because of the slightly stretched valuation (even though the company is likely M&A participant) and recent drop in REIT valuations. I sold all my 50 shares for 59,661 USD per share and bought 20 shares of Realty Income Corporation for 53,0799 USD per share and 190 shares of VEREIT for 7,15 USD per share instead. This doesn’t hurt the dividend income in short term (hopefully) and allows a slight deleveraging as a bonus. Especially VEREIT appears to be undervalued though it shouldn’t be noted the legal issues have not been settled yet which is a risk of course.

Recent Buy: Loudspring Plc & Fortum Corporation

Planned maintenance purchase for January consisted of 10 Fortum shares bought for 17,87 EUR per share and 50 Loudspring shares bought for 2,65 EUR per share. I’m also considering adding Kemira to the list of maintenance purchases as it’s quite reasonably priced and the secondary portfolio containing these maintenance purchases will act as watch list going forward. Due to technical reasons this portfolio will host only stocks listed in euros or stocks not paying any dividends (currency transaction costs).