Recent (Risky) Buy: American Realty Capital Properties, Inc.

ARCP has been on my extended watch list for a while. So far I’ve focused on much more conservative companies in the REIT sector and have invested in companies such as Realty Income Corporation (0) and Omega Healthcare Investors, Inc (OHI). Considering the accounting issues ARCP announced yesterday, I really can’t regret that choice. That being said, on October 29th I bought 90 shares of ARCP for 8,20 USD per share.

This is somewhat a risky play here but the position is very small or even insignificant. It’s hard to say if their current dividend is safe or not but according to the current information it might be. In such case this would provide a very, very generous yield on cost. On the other hand the company could be buried with lawsuits and eventually go out of business. In such case I would still get something to deduct in taxes. In that sense this is not that risky move after all. Yesterday I saw the stock closing +20.79% above my purchase price and at the time writing this, it’s down -5.70% from previous close. In near future this will provide plenty of turbulence but all in all, I feel that the issues they are having are not bad enough to justify the -35% hit they were taking yesterday.


ARCP Analyst/Shareholder Conference Call Transcript

Recent Buy: Nordea Bank AB & General Electric Company

Buy the dip shopping spree continues. Nordea was on my published shopping list so it was natural candidate to follow TeliaSonera AB. On October 15th I bought 100 shares for 9,225 EUR per share. Previous dividend was 0.43 EUR per share which would increase my annual dividend income by 43 EUR.

Company profile from

Nordea Bank AB (the Bank) is a Sweden-based bank engaged in corporate merchant banking, as well as retail banking and private banking. The Bank reports three main business areas, namely Retail Banking, Wholesale Banking and Wealth Management. Retail Banking offers a range of banking products and services to household and corporate customers in the Nordic markets, as well as in Poland and the Baltic countries. Wholesale Banking provides banking and other financial solutions to large Nordic and international corporate, institutional and public companies. Wealth Management provides investment, savings and risk management products, manages customers’ assets and advises individuals, as well as institutional investors on their financial situation. In April 2014, the Company sold Nordea Polish bank, life and finance businesses to PKO Bank Polski. In July 2014, it completed divestment of its shares in Nets Holding.

General Electric wasn’t on the published list but it happened to drop below 24 USD on the same day so I bought 50 shares for 23,96 USD per share. Quarterly paid dividend has been 0,22 USD per share which would increase my annual dividend income by 44 USD. GE really needs no introduction but one can be found from here:

Recent Buy: TeliaSonera AB

After some consideration I decided to postpone buying Allianz which was the first item on my shopping list. Few things contributed on this decision. First of all the tax refunding issues would make such investment a bit less ideal candidate. Secondly, Munich Re might be better candidate. Germany will just have to wait. I might pick something else from the european insurance sector.

Instead I moved on with the list and on October 9th bought 200 shares of TeliaSonera AB for 5,2050 EUR per share. Decent dividend expected for the next couple of years and most likely decades to follow. Very stable stock which can be a positive or negative thing depending on ones outlook. Previous dividend was 3.00 SEK and the company has specifically communicated that it shall target “to distribute an annual dividend of at least SEK 3 per share for the fiscal years 2014 and 2015″ (source).

Company profile from

TeliaSonera provides network access and telecommunication services that help people and companies communicate in an easy, efficient and environmentally friendly way.

International strength combined with local excellence is what makes us truly unique – and provides a world class customer experience, all the way from the Nordic countries to Nepal. This combination has brought groundbreaking 4G, a world class fibre network, and introduced 3G at Mount Everest.

We offer our services in the Nordic and Baltic countries, the emerging markets of Eurasia, including Russia and Turkey, and in Spain.

In May 2011 we united ourselves under one common symbol and identity. When you see this symbol, you will know that you are not only dealing with a local telecom operator – you are plugging into the world of TeliaSonera, a world filled with new and exciting possibilities

Founded in the 1850’s we are pioneers of the telecom industry, one of the inventors of mobile communications and founders of GSM. We are committed to continue to drive the information society and to constantly take our customers one step further. We have evolved from local operators into Europe’s fifth largest – in less than 20 years.

True to our heritage as telecommunication pioneers we continue to invest in high quality networks to meet the demand for bandwidth. Together with our partners and suppliers we will ensure that our customers have access to the best solutions available now and in the future. We will continue to focus relentlessly on ensuring a superior customer experience.

TeliaSonera. International strength combined with local excellence. At your service.