Recent Buy: Realty Income Corporation & VEREIT, Inc

Speaking of blue chips, REIT sector really took a beating today. This was mainly caused by tenant issues Spirit Realty is having. Realty Income Corporation has demonstrated such a quality that I wouldn’t mind adding to it even if it would have similar short term issues itself. Sure, online sales and companies such as Amazon are a risk for it but very reasonable oneĀ given the tenant base Realty Income has. So I decided to buy additional 27 shares for 55,14 USD per share.

VEREIT on the other hand was slightly undervalued, in my books, even before this dip. Therefore it wasn’t very difficult to find reasoning for buying additional 150 shares for 7,57 USD per share. VEREIT really isn’t a key holding of mine but the turnaround is impressive and I have high hopes for 2018 and 2019. Debt reduction is on track and after these purchases I really should follow their lead on that.

Recent Swap: Betsson AB For AT&T Inc

AT&T is among the bluest of blue chips in the world. Recently the share price dropped a little bit so I decided to make a move on it. I still wanted to maintain the debt strategy I’ve set to myself so I pretty much had to sell something. Betsson in the other hand was originally purely speculative play on my part. I initiated a position on it with suspicion of share price engineering to benefit management through their bonus program. Funny coincident that there’s similar bonus period coming up soon. Then again the management is proposing initiatives I don’t fully understand. Based on this I assume that there’s a good enough change to buy shares back with cheaper valuation during the summer and sold all my 230 shares for 74,90 SEK per share. This translates to a minor loss. I then proceeded to to buy additional 37 shares of AT&T for 39,00 USD per share.

Recent Buy: Sampo Plc (A)

Premature dividend reinvestment on Sampo Plc with a purchase of 4 shares for 44,21 EUR per share and 4 shares for 44,20 EUR per share. Separate orders due to small transaction campaign my broker has. Sampo has grown to be a core holding of mine. The quality of the company is so great that I might add to it during summer if the price is right. Close to 40 EUR per share would be really difficult to pass in the current market even though I’ve already gone overweight on it.