Recent Buy: CapMan Plc

First real purchase in the process of building a position on CapMan with a purchase of 320 shares bought for 2,27 EUR per share. More will follow during next few months unless something else comes up. CapMan serves a proxy for quite interesting sectors when we as societies are in the beginning of a major shift. As they but it:

At CapMan, we build better organised, managed, and financially stable companies, because this contributes to overall economic well-being. More jobs and innovations equal better conditions for the society. Similarly, we invest in real estate and infrastructure, because we believe that functional high-quality environments and utilities are cornerstones for functioning societies.

Most of all it is a dividend oriented company and therefore fits into my strategy as a potential combination of high initial yield and decent dividend growth. On top of that I suspect that there might be some real M&A possibilities in coming years which could lead to significant price appreciation. Recent insider activity is also a plus at this point.

Recent Buy: EPR Properties

Dividend re-investment for the portfolio hosted in Nordnet with the purchase of 15 EPR Properties shares. Purchase price was 69,99 USD per share. Not much to say about this one. Still reasonably priced and company profile in general is acceptable considering the phase of the market. There are decent valuations available but it’s very difficult to find anything really interesting to buy at the moment in the dividend scope. Personally I doubt we would be getting a major correction next year but it is possible of course. Political tensions have been pushed back a bit but no doubt will come back at some point especially with the approaching US elections and possible deal with China.