Recent Buy: TeliaSonera AB

It’s relatively cold outside and TeliaSonera AB is trading near 5 euros per share – it must be summer. So instead of buying huge loads of sunscreen, I went ahead and bought additional 200 shares for 5,13 EUR per share. That could be called averaging down (average price being 5,16 EUR per share before this) on a microscopic scale.

Outlook is still the same. Expecting a dividend of at least 3 SEK for FY2015 which would be roughly 0,32 EUR per share or yield of 6,2%.


Q2/2015 Report

Quite normal quarter for the portfolio but not so much for the economy in general. Situation in Greece could be described as interesting. It remains to be seen what’s the actual impact for euro zone. Personally I consider this as the opening act for the political tensions raising from huge debt loads . These are the reasons largely explaining my USD heavy portfolio build up. As I expected to report in euros for the years to come, it will be interesting to see how all this plays out. During the past weeks most of the stocks in Europe have been hit, at least modestly, but there was very little drama for my portfolio. The train is still rolling. It’s worth to mention that I had two spin-offs in my portfolio as South32 Ltd. (BHP) and Baxalta (Baxter International Inc.) entered the portfolio.

Passive income during Q2 (before taxes) was as follows:

  •  272,32 EUR compared to 123 EUR for Q2/2014
  • 1035 NOK compared to 0 NOK for Q2/2014
  • 333,63 USD compared to 120,23 USD for Q2/2014