Recent Swap: Diageo for Johnson & Johnson and Lockheed Martin Corporation

Small re-balancing for the portfolio as Diageo appears to be quite fully valued at the moment: I sold 20 shares out of 50 for 145,49 USD per share. I used the profits to buy 13 shares of Johnson & Johnson for 119,138 USD per share and 4 shares of Lockheed Martin for 316,8008 USD per share. Johnson & Johnson is a core holding of mine trading at the low end of the 52 week range and has a yield close to 3 percent – that pretty much explains my timing here. Lockheed Martin Corporation on the other hand has a huge backlog but isn’t particularly cheap. However it fits my strategy in many ways, space exploration related actives being one of them.

Recent Activity: Sampo Plc, Citycon Oyj, Nordea AB and Fortum Oyj

Busy day today. My primary broker has campaign for small orders and problems in Italy were causing falling valuations here and there. Especially banking and finance sector was hit. I decided to seize this opportunity and bought 200 shares of Citycon for 1,856 EUR per share and 10 shares of Sampo Plc for 42,05 EUR per share. In addition to this I sold my Fortum shares held in my secondary account and replaced those with 72 shares of Nordea Bank AB bought for 8,255 EUR per share.


Recent Buy: Loudspring Oyj

Loudspring announced today that the CEO will leave to company and chairman of the board will replace him. They claim that it was mostly for personal reasons but who knows. It could very well be strongly recommended action for the CEO and/or natural development given the new strategy. I decided to buy additional 160 shares for 1,236 EUR per share. Next 10 years or so will tell if this was a wise move to make.