Recent Buy: AT&T

Valuations in general are very challenging so it wasn’t that easy to pick the stock for this month’s purchase. However after some consideration I decided to add on an existing position on AT&T (T) which seems like a reasonably safe bet. Dividend aristocrat with P/E below 10 and dividend yield close to 6% (with acceptable payout ratio) seems like a no brainer. On the downside I don’t expect to see significant increases in dividends even in the distant future. What I do expect is 0.01 USD increases annually which is fine considering the current dividend. This purchase maximizes the short term development of the quarterly dividends which eventually will be invested in companies with greater dividend increase potential.

Summary: bought 30 shares of AT&T for 33,90 USD per share. Current dividend being 0.46 USD per share, this will increase my quarterly dividends by 13,80 USD before taxes.