Recent Swap: Hexagon Composites for CapMan Plc

CapMan was trading lower today so decided so sell my tiny position on Hexagon Composites and bought CapMan as replacement. Hexagon position was really small starter position which I hadn’t managed to build up. It was really unlikely that I would be able to build that position in coming months so this move made sense to me given the valuation CapMan had. I bought additional 100 shares for 2.40 EUR per share. Hexagon Composites was very much secondary position and overall I think that I might end up exiting the whole sector during this year or next as I expect eventual buy out for NEL.

Recent Buy: CapMan Plc

Corona is spreading all around the world and stocks took a nose dive as a result. I was building a position on CapMan but stock price went up before I was able to complete the position. Now with corona induced drop I decided to continue and bought additional 230 shares for 2,51 EUR per share. This is a balancing act as we could be headed towards a major drop instead of mild correction seen so far. Therefore I’d like to keep decent amount of ammunition available but don’t want to sit out completely.