Recent Buy: Fortum Oyj

Corona keeps on spreading and insanely large stimulus packages are being created. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely believe that situation requires massive public spending. The problem is that there has been plenty of unsustainable public spending for a decade or so already. This keeps the door open for inflation and interest rate problems in the future though there’s a solid case for deflation as well. This is the reason for my debt re-structuring during the last six months or so as risk mitigation. Running very low debt to equity ratio makes it much more easy to face this kind of turmoil both in stock market and in the underlying economy. So far the impact on portfolio has been easily manageable even thought REIT heavy allocation hit the portfolio hard. Even though the main portfolio carries some debt (which is offset with cash & equivalents elsewhere for liquidity and counter party risk offset purposes), lowest interest rate level was maintained in portfolio during the last drop.

It’s really hard to say where stock will go in short term. I wouldn’t be surprised if we will see a major correction in either way during the next three to six months. Therefore I’ll maintain disciplined approach and buy through this cycle while maintaining the low debt to equity ratio. Eventually all this stimulus money will go somewhere even in Europe. Germany being involved, I believe Uniper (of which Fortum owns a majority share of) will be in good position to either benefit from the stimulus with energy transformation focus or to behave as as more stable and defensive play in extreme bear scenario. Having this in mind, I made small Fortum purchase with 20 shares bought for 13,455 EUR per share.

Recent Buy: Fortum Oyj & Sampo Plc

Panic is spreading even faster than Corona virus. I’ve moved to normal buy mode and therefore bought additional 40 shares of Fortum for 13,265 EUR per share and 40 shares of Sampo for 24,7 EUR per share. Fortum in general is very defensive (relatively at least) and Uniper opens up huge possibilities going forward with the energy transition which is likely to benefit from various stimulus operations in near future. Sampo has dropped very quickly and can be called cheap at the moment. Short term it may very well go further down but current valuation opens up interesting possibilities for purchasing own shares or aggressively buying Topdanmark.

Recent Buy: Fortum Oyj

Corona is hitting hard and that’s likely to continue for months. This is also  affecting Fortum which is in interesting position with Uniper considering the fact that they are also soon changing CEO soon. That’s a shame as I’m quite a fan of the current CEO Pekka Lundmark. It remains to be seen who will take his position but I’m sure the board will find a proper replacement. Change might even be a good thing with all the turmoil in Uniper during this acquisition. Now that Uniper is also moving on with hydrogen, it has become even more interesting. Being a fan of falling knives I decided to buy 60 shares for 16.65 EUR per share. Smallish starter position but perhaps I manage to buy more in coming months. Current market is finally presenting some decent valuations. I’m especially looking into Aflac, Sampo, 3M and Abbvie. Lodging sector is also one to watch as it has been hit really hard but I suspect that it will not correct itself quite as quickly.