Recent Buy: Realty Income Corporation

There are few holes in my current portfolio. I didn’t have any direct exposure to realty, banking/insurance or technology but in the current market situation it’s really hard to to find any strong candidates to fill such holes. After  some consideration I decided to open a very modest position on Realty Income Corporation (O). I still have a bit mixed feeling of the company but it has some positive attributes but the most obvious one is the monthly dividend of 0.18USD per share.

Summary: bought 20 shares of Realty Income Corp. for 41,90 USD per share. Current dividend being 0.18 USD per share per month, this will increase my quarterly dividends by 10,95 USD before taxes.


New Toy: Specialized FatBoy


I accidentally a fatty. Did what? Got myself  a fatty. Specialized Fatboy that is and based on a hour and a half test run in the local woods it’s money well spent. Haven’t really ever done any real mountain biking but this is really something. On a flat surface it’s like driving around with a sofa but in trails it’s something totally different. It’s a funny feeling to drive over fallen trees without lifting your gluteus maximus from the seat. Never done that with sofa neither but I’d imagine it’s just as comfy.

The main idea behind all this is the fact that my current commute is way too long during the winter. I mean anything is doable but it just takes way too long and complicates the clothing (especially feet department). Summer time is easier and I hope to do it with my cyclocross at least occasionally. For spring, fall and winter this new fatty would be the substitute for regular workouts and mental getaways. I really hope that I could pickup the photography as well while floating around on these 4.6 inch wheels. That remains to be seen.

Specialized Fatboy