Recent Buy: NEL Hydrogen

NEL Hydrogen is about to release their quarterly results. It’s hard to say which way the stock moves given the overall market volatility but if there’s a positive reaction, I’ll try to sell my position in primary portfolio and buy back the shares gradually in the secondary portfolio. In preparation I bought today additional 400 shares for 4,34 NOK per share for the secondary portfolio. Most of the market were in recovery mode today but NEL wasn’t. Let’s see if the stock moves beyond 5 NOK per share level within a week.

Recent Buy: 3M Company

3M Company reported quarterly results today and it wasn’t pretty. Most of the stocks were down today and 3M was no exception with 8% slide. Sure the results were  a disappointment but this market reaction appeared to be an overreaction. Therefore I decided to buy additional 5 shares for 185,00 USD per share. It’s not a cheap valuation but then again 3M alway tends to trade with a premium.


Recent Buy: Sampo Plc

Both Nordea Bank and Sampo have been dropping lately – or more likely Sampo has dropped because of Nordea. Current valuation appeared too good to pass so I bought additional 25 shares for 40,10 EUR per share. It’s hard not to sell other positions to load up on both but I’ll try to avoid going into extremes with either one as both have overweight status in my portfolio.

Recent Buy: UEX Corporation

This one is a bit of a wildcard for the secondary growth portfolio. I decided to buy a tiny uranium position in the form of UEX Corporation of which I bought 1500 shares for 0,22 CAD per share. High risk play partially motivated by the recent IPCC report on global warming. Nuclear energy makes a lot of sense and since China is building new capacity, there’s good enough chance for a turn in uranium cycle.


Q3/2018 Results

Another quarter passed with pleasing results. Dividends received consisted only of US dividends an totalled a nice 900,76 USD. Last year Q3 dividends were 680,11 USD in total. Primary portfolio value increased 9,65% during the quarter. Four purchases in three companies were made for the primary portfolio: Apple Hospitality, Telia Company and Europris. None of the existing equities were sold. Solid quarter even though the trade war is still very much in play and Euro zone problems are starting to raise their ugly heads once again.

Recent Buy: Nordea Bank

Nordea Bank has been dropping lately as has the nordic banking sector as a whole. Main reasons has probably been the situation in Italy and the money laundering issues in general. This resulted a very interesting valuation for Nordea Bank. Therefore I decided to add 200 shares for 8.80 EUR per share. This valuation provides, in my humble opinion, nice upside potential and excellent yield for coming years. Then there’s the potential for MA by Sampo.