Recent Buy: Telia Company AB

Currencies tend to fluctuate and lately the Swedish Krona has been trending down and same can be said about Telia Company. Therefore I decided to buy additional 420 shares for 40,80 SEK per share. I could have bought these from Helsinki stock exchange but my strategy says that dividend income in multiple currencies is preferred. Second dividend payment of the year is coming up next month so it’s a bit unusual to see such a drop in stock price even though there are clear reasons for it: Swedish state might sell the position it holds due to changes in media landscape (Telia becoming a player in the segment through acquisition. Let’s see how the price moves once that materialises, I might make a significant addition at that point.

Recent Buy: NEL ASA

Maintenance purchase for secondary portfolio with a purchase of 50 NEL ASA shares bought for 3,444 NOK per share. Extremely small transaction but this is mainly setting a baseline for the company in the secondary portfolio. I’ll try to move all my NEL shares from primary portfolio to secondary portfolio. Primary portfolio is really a dividend based one and NEL – being a more speculative growth holding – doesn’t really fit there. Timing of the actual transfer will depend on stock price moves during the next months or even quarters. I’ll probably sell my shares if there’s a significant pop without a a huge change in short term fundamentals.