Recent Buy: NEL ASA

Just another maintenance purchase. My existing NEL position wasn’t even hundreds so I added to missing 70 shares for 6,975 NOK per share. These small maintenance purchases are mainly done to make sure that I have enough activity on the secondary portfolio to keep the costs down (at least single event for every three months). Other that there’s not much to say about this. I still think the hydrogen mega trend is in the making and NEL is well positioned. It’s a shame that they will probably be bought out eventually but let’s see how long it will take and what kind of terms it will have.

Q2/2019 Results & Strategy Update

Q2 is over and not much has changed. The very same problems in world economy are still in place. Markets are close to all time high valuations but there’s increasing discussion about recession or worse. I’ve successfully eliminated effectively all debt within the portfolio and the question remains: should I keep building cash reservers or look for investment opportunities? There are some interesting possibilities such as Wärtsilä corporation (dropped today on earnings but long term energy mega trend story is still there) or EPR properties (new REIT position with monthly and relatively high dividend). On the speculative growth side there’s the Second Sight Medical Products which I’ve been looking at as a speculative brain-machine-interfacing position.

Q2 results didn’t contain any major surprises. Dividend income was 3047 EUR before taxes which can be compared to 1824 EUR year before. Solid growth mostly fuelled by additional investments.