Recent Buy: Pfizer Inc

Fine. Couldn’t really find anything to buy but had eye on Pfizer for few months so I bought 50 shares for 38.50 USD per share. Previous exit wasn’t exactly a good move if possible problems with spin off taxation are excluded. Solid company and solid operating environment with the ever ongoing COVID-19 situation, increased vaccine production capacity and all the other product lines. I’ll probably add on this gradually and also look into entering Abbvie position as well since this is a sector I’d like to increase my exposure in.

Recent Buy: CapMan Plc

Same old story. Couldn’t find anything to buy so made another maintenance purchase and bought additional 100 shares of Capman for 2.68 EUR per share to avoid Nordea’s maintenance fee. I’ve been eying Pfizer to restore my existing position which I dropped during the spin off operation they had. That’s was mainly done due to lack of understanding the details of the spin off at the time and to avoid problematic tax reporting which usually comes with such spin offs.

Recent Buy: CapMan Plc

Yet another boring maintenance purchase with 54 shares bought for 2,72 EUR per share. Nothing special here but sector in general is starting to show some signs of increasing M&A activity. My thesis is intact and I expect CapMan to be a part of M&A move soon enough. Working thesis contains timeframe of two years.

Trimmed: NEL ASA

This is once again something I might regret later but I trimmed my NEL ASA position today and sold 1000 shares for 33,63 NOK per share. Cost basis for these was 4.6 NOK per share. Quite nice profit in that sense. There’s really no specific reason for this. I just decided to take some of the profits now. My long term view really hasn’t changed as I still consider NEL to be a buyout target for bigger players. In current environment it’s really difficult to say when that might happen – if it will happen at all – but the sector in general is likely to boom for years to come. I would also be amazed if there’s no significant pullback in the near future. Some of the sector plays have gone through the roof lately and correction there would probably pull NEL down as well. I might buy back these shares (and then some) should that happen but let’s see. For now don’t mind holding some cash.

Recent Buy: CapMan Oyj

Just another maintenance purchase and once again it’s CapMan. I bought additional 46 shares for 2,255 EUR per share. CapMan has performed quite well lately. Long term view is also still in place. This is a sector which is very likely to see some M&A activity and it’s very likely that CapMan will be involved in a way or another.

Recent Buy: 3M & AT&T

Nordnet had black friday campaign with no fees for US stocks. I used this opportunity for some dividend reinvestments and bought 5 shares of 3M for 178,6 USD per share and 30 shares of AT&T for 29,038 USD per share. Nothing special here with these picks. Solid companies for long term dividends though both have had their short term challenges.

Recent Buy: CapMan Oyj

Tiny maintenance purchase just so that my CapMan share amount is in full hundreds. Market is up today so I might have to wait with other purchases but buy is a buy even if it consists of 35 shares bought for 2.035 EUR per share.

Recent Buy: Fortum

US elections are approaching fast, COVID-19 is picking up speed for new waves and stock markets are heading down. Quite expected I would say. I bought additional 56 Fortum shares for 16,395 EUR each. Nothing new there. Sure, (political) risks are still present but then again winter is coming as well. I’ll probably make at least a single US purchase around the elections with existing US dollars. I’m also eying something from Stockholm as I have a SEK pile burning a hole on my pocket.

Recent Buy: CapMan

Tiny maintenance purchase with 25 shares of CapMan bought for 1.98 EUR per share to keep the streak going. Strict cash balance reservation didn’t allow bigger purchase this time around. Let’s see how the market moves in coming weeks. I might dip into my reserves if we see bigger moves.

Recent Buy: Fortum

Minor maintenance purchase time. I bought additional 14 shares of Fortum for 16.925 EUR per share. Fortum appears to be very reasonably valued at the moment even though there are clear risks as well. Unfortunately significant amount of those risks are of political nature. Still, it’s possible that political reasons might eventually work also in favour of Fortum. This could happen e.g. via European investments on hydrogen economy in which Fortum/Uniper is reasonably well positioned. I might increase my stake in Fortum with larger chunks later on. This was just maintenance purchase to consume some leftover cash.