Recent Buy: Telia Company AB & Yara International ASA

First of all, minor addition to Telia Company AB with a purchase of 100 shares for 3,832 EUR per share. Nothing special here, just a minor addition to what I believe to be a reasonably priced company with a strong dividend.

Then there’s yet another new position in the form of Yara International ASA. Entry position consists of 50 shares bought for 292,00 NOK per share. I’ve been thinking about a position on fertilizers for a while now to complement other cyclical positions. I consider it to be a segment which will benefit from multiple mega trends going forwards. It’s also a sector which most likely will see some consolidation, some of it already in progress. Yara operates in the major league within the sector and the overall cycle phase appears to be near enough to the bottom.

Link: Yara Investor Relations

Q3/2016 Results

Q3 is now officially over. This quarter was dominated with events such as the upcoming presidential election in US and speculation of Deutche Bank going under. There wasn’t that much happening in the portfolio. Value was pretty much moving sideways (not that I really care for the quarter level swings). Dividend income was as expected. There were perhaps a bit unusually many purchases as I added to my positions on Nordea, Telia Company, Coca-Cola Company and Telenor. On top of that I opened new position on Betsson AB and closed my position on Raisio Plc.

Portfolio value during Q3/2016
Portfolio value during Q3/2016

Third quarter dividend performance illustrated year over year (pre-tax, in EUR).