Recent Buy: Gjensidige Forsikring

I’ve been looking for an european insurance company for many months now. I was originally looking into companies such as Allianz and Munich Re but settled for a company which has one of the most difficult names in the world to type without any mistakes. On January 21st I bought 70 shares of Gjensidige Forsikring for 123,80 NOK per share. Changing valuation of Norwegian krone played a minor role as well. This is a starter position to which I expect to add on during February.


Gjensidige group

We are a leading Nordic general insurance company. We also offer banking-, pension- and savings products in Norway.

Gjensidige has provided insurance services for nearly 200 years.

The Group’s operations are divided into six business areas:
General Insurance Private
General Insurance Commercial
General Insurance Nordic
General Insurance Baltic
Pension and savings
Online retail banking



Q4/2014 Results

Total dividends received (before taxes) during Q4/2014 were 244,30 USD. Overall portfolio performance during 2014 was above expectations as the market value in euros increased by 20,70% (including increased valuations, dividends and changes in EUR/USD exchange rate). Total dividends for the whole year were 123 EUR and 584,32 USD.

This was first full year for this portfolio. Strategy for the new year shall remain the same unless political situation offers extraordinary circumstances. Oil prices and NOK (currency, not stock) valuation is something I have my eye on in 2015. Otherwise I expect mainly to add on existing positions and perhaps open one or two new positions depending on the market situation and valuations.