Recent Buy: Investor AB, Castellum AB and Cibus Nordic Real Estate AB

Market has been quite red lately and for good reason. Inflation is getting out of hand, central banks are more or less behind the curve, war in Ukraine is far from being over, food might be in short supply and list goes on and on. It might still be too early to make any moves but I decided to initiate positions on companies mentioned in the subject. These are not significant positions and were more or less dividend reinvestments with existing SEK balance. This also increases both my exposure in Swedish stocks and SEK dividend income. Both are strategic long term choices given my location and home currency. I would consider these purchases as controlled risk as I consider the likelihood of either short term inflation or inability of central banks (European or Swedish) to make necessary (rate) changes high enough but let’s see how these will eventually play out.

  • Castellum AB 100 shares for 145,20 SEK per share
  • Cibus Nordic Real Estate AB 70 shares for 188,90 SEK per share
  • Investor AB (B series) 80 shares for 172,38 SEK per share