Recent Buy: CapMan Oyj

Sentiment is getting bearish enough for me. Someone (totally not Russia but it was Russia) blew up Nordstream I pipelines, stocks are dropping all around and have been doing so for a while now, Russia’s war effort in Ukraine is approaching later phase peak in many ways, nuclear threat is thrown around, Bank of England is already moving back to QE and list goes on and on. This is enough for me and I’ll move from holding pattern to normal purchasing mode with option to slowly scale down cash reserves. First purchase was CapMan Oyj with 900 shares bought for 2,365 EUR per share.

Recent Buy: AbbVie

Time for dividend reinvestment and this time I decided to add on existing AbbVie position and bought additional 10 shares for 143,93 USD per share. Abbvie has it’s risks with outgoing blockbusters but overall I consider the company solid and valuation decent. This is part of attempt to increase overall exposure on medical and pharmaceuticals. Assuming that market does not move from recession mode to bull market anytime soon, I’ll probably try to add on Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson during the next three quarters. Johnson & Johnson is bit of a question mark with the consumer spinoff and all. Anyway this will happen with dividend reinvestments only as I haven’t felt comfortable changing euros to dollars in a long long time. Quite contrary, I’m tempted to start converting received dividends back to euros or possibly to swedish kronas. That would make sense but then again majority of interesting companies are dollar nominated.

Recent Buy: CapMan Oyj & Kemira Oyj

Turbulent times continue but I’m sticking with the short term plan as my cash reserves are otherwise getting too large. Therefore I bough additional 120 shares of Kemira for 11,75 EUR per share and additional 100 shares of CapMan for 2,59 EUR per share. Both of these positions are almost full but few additional purchases are still likely. Once remaining USD dividends for September are paid, I’ll probably add on Abbvie, Johnson & Johnson or Pfizer.

Recent Buy: Kemira Oyj

Energy crisis is escalating and European markets are feeling the pain. Euro as a currency reached new lows when compared against US dollar. I decided to buy additional 80 shares of Kemira Oyj for 11,75 EUR per share. This is not really related to the recent turmoil even though Kemira is not immune to it. Valuation seems to be decent, second dividend of the year is still coming and my main thesis (water) for building a full long term position is intact. Let’s see if I manage to complete the position during Q4.