Recent Swap: Citycon & Gjensidige Forsikring for Sampo Plc & VEREIT Inc.

Sampo rarely trades below or even close to fair value but when it does, I’m ready to make some unplanned moves. Today I decided to exit from my Citycon and Gjensidige positions and deployed some of the money back to Sampo. While at it, I also decided to increase my stake in VEREIT which is starting to settle the ongoing legal issues. There are still plenty of unknowns there but based on my personal projections the stock appears to be significantly undervalued.

  • Sold 1200 shares of Citycon for 1,902 EUR per share
  • Sold 220 shares of Gjensidige Forsikring for 130,10 NOK per share
  • Bought 40 shares of Sampo for 41,79 EUR per share
  • Bought 200 shares of VEREIT for 7,296 USD per share