Recent Buy: AT&T, Philip Morris Inc & Apple Inc.

Last weeks have been intense in various markets. FED increased rates yesterday and sent stock lower. Same trend continued today I we are seeing unusually high yields here and there. I decided to deploy some money and subsequently returned to the exposure level I had before selling the Norwegian dividend holdings. AT&T is an existing core holding covering US telecom sector and also streaming & content. Current valuation comes with an usually high yield and recent raise as a cherry on top. Philip Morris is bit more problematic. Original thesis was the exposure to lucrative vice business and possibilities for weed additions. We haven’t seen the latter yet but maybe we’ll get there. There are some possibilities with iQOS and co-operation with other companies in the sector. At least the business should be very recession resistant and comes with unusually high yield. Apple on the other hand is a core holding covering technology, services and especially high margin consumer products. The stock has dropped lately due to trade war tensions, slowing sales and patent disputes. I chose to take all that as a short term noise – long term case is still there.

  • bought 50 shares of AT&T for 28,50 USD per share
  • bought 20 shares of Philip Morris Inc. for 69,80 USD per share
  • bought 10 shares of Apple Inc. for 159,99 USD per share