Recent Buy: Sampo PLC A

Brexit aftermath part 2: new position in Sampo Plc. As most stocks have traded significantly lower today, I decided to initiate a new position in Sampo. Main focus is on Nordea which dropped quite a lot today. I already have a full position on it but decided to add some exposure via Sampo. This also brings in some diversification in the form of IF insurance company and Mandatum Life subsidiaries. I bought 60 shares for 35,75 EUR per share and consider that as a decent valuation for the time being. Sampo is the type of company that rarely trades with discount anyway so I’m glad to take this valuation.

For this purchase I had to dip into my cash reserves a little bit. For the next months I really have to plan my moves. Depending on the market I have the option to increase my debt load and to spend the cash reserves even more. That would however require some once in a lifetime valuations for grade A companies. For the September I have my eye on Olvi as well so until then I just might focus on building up the cash reserves. It could be either or some kind of combination of both.