Q4/2015 & FY2015 Report

Another quarter and fiscal year has passed with following statistics:

  • 411 USD received as dividends during Q4 (244 USD during Q4/2014)
  • 420 NOK received as dividends during Q4 (0 NOK during Q4/2014)
  • 8 purchases made during Q4 (10 during Q4/2014)
  • Total dividends for FY2015 were 458,32 EUR, 1455 NOK and 1360,81 USD (123 EUR and 584,32 USD during FY2014)

There are no major changes for strategy in FY2016. Environment is getting a bit challenging as we are, in my opinion, moving towards the end of an cycle. I expect to add steadily on cyclical companies and also those which are a bit underweight positions at the moment. Valuations might slow down the balancing of the portfolio even though I’m not fully trying to time the market. Having said that, I still have loose buy zones I try to enforce.